In Training


WTCH Heartsong of Shadowdance OFTDs DNA-VP
DOB: 01/18/12

Each dog I’ve owned has taught me new things, and taken me to new heights.
This girl has lifted me to a whole new level, one I only hope I am capable of.
Jig pushes me to raise the bar for both of us.
It’s challenging, sometimes frustrating, often humbling, and most of all fun.
I know where I want this journey to take us.
With Jig’s talent, and the support crew around us, I believe we can get there.


Rex’s Strike of Lightning
DOB: 01/02/16

Dillon’s working style is unlike any other dog I’ve owned
and, I admit, it’s proving to be a challenge.
Bright, athletic, eager to work, he sticks with me no matter how often I screw us up.
In return, I owe it to him to try and figure out how best to make his talent shine.


Heartsong’s Traveling Minstrel
DOB: 07/02/17

Not only is Cian our first red dog, turns out he’s technically our first red merle.
He and Jig have so many similarities, I like to tease that Cian is
the son Jig never had… or wanted.
He’s a serious, intense young man but with a bit of a sensitive side.
He’ll be starting some more formal training this summer.