In Training


Heartsong of Shadowdance ATDsd OTDc OFTDs

Each dog I’ve owned has taught me new things, and taken me to new heights.
This girl has lifted me to a whole new level, one I only hope I am capable of.
Jig pushes me to raise the bar for both of us.
It’s challenging, sometimes frustrating, often humbling, and most of all fun.
I know where I want this journey to take us.
With Jig’s talent, and the support crew around us, I believe we can get there.


Rex’s Strike of Lightning

I will admit, Dillon is a challenge. We’ve hit a bit of a rough patch in his training which is partly due to his still being a bit immature, but also due to some mistakes I’ve made. We’ll work through it, though. I owe it to the both of us. And we’ll come out okay on the other side. I just need to exercise patience.



Heartsong’s Travelling Minstrel (Pending)

Our first red dog.

I needed a pup like I need another hole in my head. But who could pass up this face, right?

And there is the little matter of him being Jig’s nephew, making him the next best thing to having an actual Jig pup.
Cian has settled in as though he was born here. Like all puppies, he knows how to put a smile on my face.
I’ll treasure all his puppy moments while I can, they grow up all too soon.