Farewell to a Piece of My Heart and Jig’s Journey ~ 2015 ASCA Nationals Part 1

For all the working dogs who have left us . . .This is a tough Nationals for me and I nearly didn’t make the trip. On the Tuesday before we were to leave, Quinn got sick. I honestly said my goodbyes to him right then and there. As I took him into the emergency vet I was pretty positive I wouldn’t be walking out with him. I did, but a trip to my vet later in the morning didn’t give me much good news. Still, over the next couple of days he seemed to be improving to a point where I felt I could safely leave him and he’d still be there when I got home. It’s a decision I won’t ever second-guess. I guess Quinn wanted me to remember him as I last saw him and not as his health declined. So he put on a good face and I felt a bit better about packing up and heading to TN. I spent Thursday morning with him, gave him a hug, told him how much I loved him. Sunday I got the call I dreaded. My golden boy, my soul dog, was gone.

Here he is, just a newborn pup. I knew as soon as I held him after he was born, that he was mine. There was no going back on that one.

Here he is, just a newborn pup. I knew as soon as I held him after he was born, that he was mine. There was no going back on that one.

I’m a very private person. Those who know me best understand that. I don’t openly share my grief. I prefer not to have public displays, and need to handle it on my own. I appreciate everyone’s caring and wishes, I do. But I deal with things like this better on my own. So if you’d like, if you knew Quinn, feel free to raise a glass in his memory. Personally, he enjoyed Guinness. If you knew him and have a favorite memory, feel free to share it in the comments. He was one of a kind, as they all are. The hole he has left will never be filled.

One of Quinn’s favorite things to do. If you feel inclined, have a squiggle in his memory.

In any case, Monday’s pre-trial was not my best outing. Jig was wired, had her high ears crazy eyes going, and I was undoubtedly not handling her as well as I could have. Our sheep run was called, I called our duck run, the highlight was taking 3rd place in Open Cattle out of a field of fourteen or so, as I recall. It was rough and rowdy, and we were running just before dusk. I was exhausted and she was still having far too much fun at my expense. I did manage to get her to settle in a couple of times, and she still managed to get herself rolled a good one.

Tomorrow I’m going to see about trying dock diving with her. I also may get my camera out and shoot some pictures to share. We don’t run in the National’s trial until Thursday (I think) so hopefully by then I’ll be more on my game.



4 thoughts on “Farewell to a Piece of My Heart and Jig’s Journey ~ 2015 ASCA Nationals Part 1

  1. I remember visiting to try for a special litter. Hopefully these links to the images work:




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