One Thing Leads to Another

It’s one of those grey, blustery days that can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to rain, snow, sleet, or just continue to be cold and windy. No problem, I’ve got a very long indoor To Do list that needs some attention. Before I can start on that, however, I really need to get the sheep onto some grass. So, I tug on my chore boots, grab my trusty dog, and head out to swing some gates.

Once the sheep are where they need to be, I decide Jig and I will take a walk out to see how the pasture is coming in. It got off to a really slow start this year with all the cold weather we’ve been having.

Out in the pasture, I’m pleased to see it’s doing well. I also see there are some thistles doing a bit too well. No problem, I have just the thing. Since it doesn’t really feel too bad now that I’ve been out a while, maybe I’ll go mix up some spray and take care of them.

On the way back to the barn, however, I notice the alleyway is getting a bit shaggy. No reason not to move the rams out there for the day and let them mow it. After all, I have my number one chore dog with me. Should make the task easy-peasy-uncle-cheesy. And it is.

Then I notice their water trough is a bit low. And a bit skanky. Time for a good cleaning. And the one in the barn, too. I mean, I’m on a roll, right?

That job done, I realize I never solved my holding pen issue and, since I’m having a refresher clinic tomorrow, something needs to be done. That takes a bit of pondering, a solution is decided upon, materials and tools gathered, and work commences.

At some point, I look down and see this…pantsNo. Not my legs. What they’re encased in. That being my comfy, loungy, yoga pants which were never meant to be work pants, hence the comfy, loungy description. I hadn’t bothered to change into my jeans on because all I meant to do was open a few gates before returning inside to tackle the aforementioned To Do list. *sigh*

Well, now that they’re sufficiently grubby, nothing for it, but to finish the job I started.

By the time I was done, this happened…


No, I didn’t shower Jig with confetti for a job well done, and that’s not dandruff. That’s a nice sprinkling of icy white stuff courtesy of Mother Nature who has, I’m afraid, not checked her calendar recently.

Time to head in, change, and see if I can actually get anything on my To Do list done, or if this bout of ADD is going to stick around for the rest of the day.


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