Finn & the Big Sea

Okay, it was actually the big lake they call kitchi-gami, but likely as close to the sea as Finn will get and his biggest adventure thus far.

Last weekend Finn experienced what amounts to a rite of passage at our place: he got to be the Camp Dog. Not only that, he was flying solo.

Gotta say, the demonic little asshat amazed me.

He took to most of the Camp Dog duties like a seasoned pro. He was a little lax on chipmunk patrol. They could scurry right past him and he didn’t even flick an ear. And he had to be out of sight when we played Yardzee and Kubb. Being both games involve flying chunks of wood, and seeing as Finn is obsessed with wood, watching got him a bit overstimulated.

As far as generally not making a fuss, taking hikes, and hanging out with the group around the fire, he rocked it. He even had his own camp chair.

Fine, it was supposed to be my chair. He stole it.
Yes, that’s his happy ear.

He decided my brother is the absolute coolest playmate on the planet…

… and the camper is pretty nice, especially when Dave gets up so he can steal the couch.

Getting in and out of the camper, however, was a bit of an issue at first, what with the scary metal stairs, and all.

Finn’s biggest adventure of the weekend by far, however, was our trip to Lake Superior. He loves water but he’s never been in anything deep enough to actually swim. As soon as we convinced him retrieving drift wood was way more fun than chasing waves along the shore (and practically tearing my arm out of its socket — which is what happens when you aren’t paying attention and your dog suddenly hauls ass in the opposite direction) he discovered the joy of the dog paddle.

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