In Training

Jig ~ Heartsong of Shadowdance ATDsd OTDc

There were times I doubted it would ever happen, a few times I thought about throwing in the towel as far this trialing thing went, but Jig and I are finally on the same page and in the same book. Most of the time anyhow. I’m having a blast! Jig must be as well, because even when she’s wearing her ‘crack ears’ she’s listening to me. We are finally becoming the team I always hoped we would. We still have a long way to go, but I can now glimpse the future.

Corner2 cattle1

Dillon ~ Rex’s Strike of Lightning

Another journey begins.

Dillon is growing up and starting to look like a real dog.

He’s still very much a puppy in a lot of ways, though, and I have to remember that during our training sessions. I’m taking it slow and easy with him. Maybe that means I’ve learned my lesson about rushing with my dogs? In any case, he’s showing me some nice things, and each time I glimpse just a bit more.