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Powder Photo Sessions

August 27th

Limited to 7 spots

Registration below

Session Fee: $190 per dog


  • Powder (up to 2 colors per dog)
  • 2 angles (side & front)
  • 2 social media sized, watermarked, digital images
  • (1) 8×10 print
  • A gift bag

Sessions will be scheduled on the 1/2 hour, however, some may run longer, some shorter. There are many factors involved. Please plan to arrive slightly before your session time. If you have friends coming with their dogs, you are welcome to schedule a block of time and come together to help with one another’s dogs.

In case of inclement or uncooperative weather, we will reschedule.

We will be set up in a fenced-in area so the dogs can be off lead. Your dog should have a sit-stay or standing wait, and be comfortable free jumping.

The powder used is non-toxic and we will take all precautions to keep it from dogs’ faces. Please note that the powder will stain some fur (and clothing) more than others. We will have a blow-dryer on hand for those dogs not bothered by them, brushes for those who are. Be sure to bring some towels. It is recommended to not bathe your dog until most of the loose powder can be worked out of the fur.

Please email if you have any questions!

If you can’t make this session, but would like to know when we’re going to have another, you can sign up for our newsletter. I promise, no spam!