Looking Ahead Winter Recap

Happy 2013, everyone! I don’t do the whole New Year’s thing. No partying till midnight. No resolutions. It’s pretty much just another day around here, except that I have to remember to change the date when I write a check. And really, who writes checks any more?? The critters don’t know the year has flipped. They know its winter. Maybe their year doesn’t really flip until spring, when lambs are born and everything starts to bud and grow, and the sun takes on a warmer cast even on the cold days. <shrug> Who knows.

January does mean, though, that I’m looking ahead to what I have planned for the year and trying to figure out how I’m going to accomplish it. The biggy on my radar this year (again) is getting some cattle for the dogs. It’s very problematic and is a huge item on my list. Made even huger, in part, because the hubby and I tend not to agree on most of the details. See, I want steers from roughly April thru October. I don’t want to winter them. Too much work. Which, of course, doesn’t bother him because outside of a day here or there, I’m the one doing it all. He thinks “finishing” them would be no great shakes. I also don’t want to lose a boatful of money on them. He’s of the opinion we’ll at least break even shipping them in October. I’m not sure where he learned to do math, but I’m not seeing it.

Anyhow, bringing in some steers will mean I have to cut down dramatically on sheep numbers. Which I keep trying to do every year and just can’t seem to manage. It has to be an absolute MUST this year. No excuses.

This weekend at Deb’s I should be able to get a good read on where Quinn and I are sitting. I haven’t worked him in probably going on two months. Last time I did, it was firming up his flanks and trying to get him to hold a line and NOT SUCK TO THE FENCE. Because that’s what killed our chances at a WTCH the end of last year. It will be nice to get some knowledgeable sets of eyes on him, and me. And, of course, we’ll get to work ducks. Look, this is me trying to be excited about that.

Somebody around here needs a new mindset about ducks, and it’s not the dogs.

Shaine hasn’t gotten any regular work lately either. My problem child. I’d like to get a started title on her this year. Not sure if I’ll ever get to the point of doing ducks with her, since she’s of the opinion they’re what’s for dinner.

Jig is going to Nationals, so that girl, the rock star, has a lot of work to do.

Grady’s not making the trip. I’m not sure if he’ll ever trial, though he was starting to settle in and finally give me some consistent work. I’ll get him back into the regular rotation once we can work again. He’s such a big, soft, immature, goof.

I’ll have an update on the weekend next week. Until then, stay warm!