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We have been sharing our lives with Australian Shepherds since the late 80s and they continue to take us on an amazing journey.

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WTCH Heartsong of Shadowdance AFTDs DNA-VP 01/18/12 CD, CEA, CMR1, DM, HC, MDR1, prcd all n/n

Pedigree With most of this season cancelled, I decided to retire Jig from the trial arena. We'll still be competing in Cattle Farm Trials, because that we both enjoy. It's not the end of the journey, just a new path.



Rex's Strike of Lightning OFTDs OTDs STDcd 01/02/16 CD, CEA, CMR1, DM, HC, MDR1, prcd all n/n

Pedigree Dillon will be making his debut in the ASCA Stockdog Trial Arena this year. We've been working hard and have a lot more of work before us, especially with cattle and ducks. We'll get there. He's proven he won't quit and I've no desire to ask him to.



Starstuff For My Heart's Sake 10/11/19 MDR1, HC, DM all n/n

Pedigree Sometimes it just feels right. The opportunity came along to add Finn to our family and since I've always loved Killi I couldn't pass it up. This boy is independent and intense and he's going to be a challenge, but we've got a top notch support team.

Forever in Our Hearts

Forever in Our Hearts

We will never forget the dogs who came before. Each one taught us much and left this earth with a piece of our hearts that will never be replaced.

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ASHGI 10 Steps

We are dedicated to the breeding of healthy Australian Shepherds and support & participate in the 10-Steps program.


Australian Shepherd Club of America

Shadowdance is an ASCA registered kennel and lifetime ASCA member.


3 Sheeps to the Wind ASC

3 Sheeps is an ASCA affiliate club based in the Midwest and dedicated to the preservation of the Australian Shepherd as an all-around working dog.


Working Aussie Source

Learn about Aussies, training, and working, find a breeder or a trainer, support the Working Aussie Source

The Shadowdance Farm Blog

Wherein I prattle on about the dogs, training, trialing, canine epilepsy, farm life, and whatever else comes to mind.

Finn & the Big Sea

Okay, it was actually the big lake they call kitchi-gami, but likely as close to the sea as Finn will get and his biggest adventure thus far. Last weekend Finn experienced what amounts to a rite of passage at our place: he got to be the Camp Dog. Not only that, he was flying solo. […]

Believing to be More

A friend sent me the above text in a conversation regarding how Dillon had done at our most recent trial. Up until then, as seems to happen frequently, I had a different post all set to go. It was basically just a run down of why I haven’t written much of late and how the […]


As usual, this isn’t the post I wanted to write. I started it earlier today when I was still merely contemplating making the call for Grady, our gentle giant, Tank Boy. When I was merely contemplating I was (mostly) okay with the decision, after all, it’s not like it comes as a surprise. Grady turned […]

Lambs & More

The current Covid situation means I’m home full-time for lambing for the first time ever. That’s one of a couple silver linings. There are also many depressing aspects to the stay-at-home quarantine. I try to keep from thinking too much about those. Dwelling on what we can’t control isn’t very good for the soul. Most […]

Dancing in the Rain

You would think this forced quarantine would give me more time to write and more to write about. Turns out, when I have a lot of free time I also have a lot to fill it with. There’s a long list of chores on the side of the fridge waiting for decent weather and time, […]

A Dog’s Eye View

When I ran agility (which, for those wondering, was eons ago), one of the things we did while walking the course was to squat down to our dog’s eye level and survey our intended path. It no doubt appeared strange to onlookers. Heck, it felt strange the first time I did it. It also made […]