The Shadowdance Blog…

sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, occasionally irreverent, mostly honest.

A collection of ramblings on my life with working dogs, livestock, and a creative brain.

“And so I write. I write my life. I write to escape real life. I write to live moments over again. I write to rewrite the moments I’ve lived over in a way that makes more sense to me. I write the moments to heal. I write the moments I hope never happen. And I write the moments I hope will happen.”
― R.B. O'Brien

Weekend Training Review

The bad part about three days of working dogs, like all good things, is that we have to stop. Friday night’s work session was a…

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Looking Ahead Winter Recap

Happy 2013, everyone! I don’t do the whole New Year’s thing. No partying till midnight. No resolutions. It’s pretty much just another day around here,…

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Play Day in the Snow

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Not much training being done here lately, except when Jig…

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Wet Wordless Wednesday

**Click on any thumbnail for the larger version.**

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Sometimes, A Girl Just Needs a Job

Right before I switched servers and lost all my old posts, I wrote one about Shaine and the issues we’ve been having.  All basically my…

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Coyote Classic 2012

The Coyote Classic is fast becoming one of my favorite trials.  Even though the weather has a tendency to be a bit cool, sometimes wet,…

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So, You Think You’re Ready to Trial?

I was reminded this past weekend at the SEMASA trial (thanks to a very good friend not afraid to tell me when my head’s in…

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Oops, There it Ain’t

So, it seems when I switched my domain to a new server, I didn’t handle the WordPress file transfer correctly and now have to rebuild…

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