Touching Base

I know I promised I’d post more, but really, there’s not a lot that happens around here in the winter. Not with the frigid weather we’ve been having. Chores, chipping ice out of buckets that are supposedly heated, and trying to keep the dogs from going stir crazy. Especially Jig.

What I do during these times, is try to get caught up on inside projects that are languishing. One of those is the portrait of Shaine that’s been laying on my drawing table for…well…a long time.

This was far and away the most difficult portrait I’ve ever done. Even now. But, outside of a few tweaks, it’s ready for matting and framing so I thought I’d share it with you, just to prove I’m still here.


It’s not the best photo ~ it looks better in person. I took it with my phone, in the kitchen, hanging on the fridge. (Sounds a bit like Clue, doesn’t it? Mrs. Peacock, in the observatory, with the candlestick.) Okay, and I wasn’t hanging on the fridge, the picture was.


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