The Thing That Happened

Sometimes things just happen. Good, bad, or in between, everyone’s life is beset by things happening. There are things we celebrate, things we rail against, things we learn to accept, things that scar us for life, things that change everything for the better, and some things we will just never understand. Some of these things happen to us, some despite us, and some we do to ourselves. I’m going to suggest the latest thing to happen here falls completely in the category of Sometimes Things Just Happen…

Introducing Finn’s baby sister Maeve,
Starstuff’s Fire in the Sky (pending).

I wasn’t looking for a pup, and we all know the old adage about riding color. We also know it’s no secret I’ve been wanting another red dog. My original plan was to find a nice bitch to breed Finn to some day and hope for a red dog that way. Or perhaps find a red bitch in a few years, whether to breed or not.


Then, at the beginning of April as I’m scrolling through the pics of the repeat breeding that produced Finn — just out of curiosity, mind you. I had absolutely NO intention of inquiring as to availability of any of them — well, there’s this solid red girl. I was doomed. Still, as I sent off the first email, I was resigned to leave it to the Fates. If it was meant to be, it would be.


And so…. I picked up Maeve this weekend, the newest member of our crew. So far she is content to hang out with me in the yard, in my office, watching TV, already stealing my heart.

And let’s not forget her meeting with Rebel.

“Hey, what are you?”
“Maybe we can be friends.”
“What’s this long fuzzy thing on your butt? Can I tug it?”
“C’mon! I just wanna play!”

No worries, I’m sure they’ll work it out. And so begins another journey, but for now this one will just involve Maeve being a puppy and learning all the things puppies need to learn.

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  • Lynne Gish

    06/20/2022at6:49 pm Reply

    Congratulations on your new baby. Isn’t it amazing how these things just accidentally happen ?

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