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Jig’s Journey ~ ASCA Nationals Part II

Yeah, this is a bit late, but I’m still trying to catch up from being gone for ten days. First, from the Brazos County Expo website, a much better image of the grounds than any I could get. I would gladly go back. The grounds were great, the hosts wonderful, the stock some of the …
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Jig’s Journey ~ A Few More Photos

Since I promised another post, I figure I’d share one more video, shot the same night as the pen videos from my last post, this time of a gather. Again, the quality isn’t the best given I was using my phone and the sun was setting. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-J2fqWldz0] And, because it’s rare for me to …
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Jig’s Journey ~ Seeing Things Differently

{Editor’s Note: I had meant to post this a week ago but…life. Which just means you may be getting another post this weekend as well. Lucky you!} One of my favorite working quotes comes via Deb Conroy, We’re not bringing the dog into our world when we work stock, we’re entering the dog’s world. Often, …
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Jig’s Journey ~ Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Or, in Jig’s case, that should read, “Too Much Rest Makes Her Wicked.” After nearly two weeks of slim to no training brought about by a combination of heat & humidity, followed up by a week and a half of severe congestion/sinusy/snot filled head/shit, I finally got back out there with the girl. You don’t …
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Jig’s Journey ~ It Ain’t all Rainbows and Sparkly Unicorns

Just to keep things real, and in case anyone out there has the impression that training is always great fun and goes according to plan…it don’t. Sometimes the dog, the sheep, the weather, the bugs, and your very own self all conspire against you. Today was such a day. On the plus side, Quinn did …
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