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“What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Grateful Dead

I will admit, Dillon was an impulse buy. I’d been missing Quinn, scrolling through Facebook, and there was this picture of a cute blue boy. He stole my heart right then and there. Dillon is extremely bonded to me which wouldn’t be a bad thing if he was just a little better at sharing. He is also unlike any dog I’ve ever owned and, I admit, I’m still trying to figure him out.

Dillon has always been very nice to his stock, earning their trust by working the edge of the bubble and not pushing in, which makes him the number one choice around here when it comes to dog-breaking lambs. Never a very fetchy dog, his desire to drive is what caused us a lot of problems starting out. Something I fully take the blame for. I spent too much time trying to force him into a box he didn’t belong in. It’s caused us problems but we’re working our way through it. One thing about Dillon, he’s not a quitter, and though we frustrate the hell out of each other at times, we keep trying to figure it out.

Excellent on sheep and ducks, cattle is his Achille’s heel mainly because he doesn’t see them enough to get truly comfortable with them.

Dillon is a very task oriented dog. And he is not one to be badgered or given multiple commands. If he knows what I’m asking and I repeat myself, he will stop and stare at me until I make it right. He’s a quirky boy, to be sure. We’ve been fighting an uphill battle and will continue to fight until we succeed.