Starstuff For My Heart’s Sake OFTDs OTDsd STDc DNA-CP
10/11/19     DM, HC, HUU, MDR1, PRCD, IGS ALL N/N CEA N/Carrier


“A dog is the only thing that can mend a crack in your broken heart.”

Judy Desmond

I wasn’t looking for a pup when I got Finn. To be honest, I really wasn’t sure I was ready for one so soon after losing Cian. Finn (and Becky) thought otherwise and turns out they were right. Finn and I had a bumpy start which I attribute partly to my mental and emotional state at the time, and partly to him being a bit of an obnoxious puppy who thought using me as a chew toy was a good idea. We worked through it, however, and I’ve never regretted bringing him home.

Finn is extremely keen to work and has a lot more eye than any dog I’ve ever owned. That last bit has been an adjustment. I like a challenge, though, and I’ve been having a lot of fun working through the particular issues that trait brings with it. For instance, getting Finn to take a flank to clean a corner as opposed to locking on and trapping the stock.

He definitely likes the heads and on cattle gives me flashbacks to Jig’s younger days. Finn is less set in his ways than Jig was, however, and we’ve been making some nice progress. He’ll hold pressure, and will hit heels when needed, though he hits a bit high right now. Lack of experience and age play into that.

Maturity is creeping up on him and I’m seeing those changes when we work. He’s less anxious about his stock getting away, respects the flight zone, has natural balance, covers well, and runs wide when he needs to. Not to say he doesn’t like to push when he thinks he can get away with it, but those times are getting fewer.

Finn is all business when we’re working, but quite the card when we’re not. On our morning walks, he used to find the largest branch he could, even if that meant ripping it off a living tree. Yeah, he’s done that. He’d carry it on our entire walk. Since the arrival of his little sis, he’s had her to occupy him on our walks. He’s so easy and gentle with her, and their constant antics always put a smile on my face.