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01/18/12     CD, CEA, CMR1, DM, HC, MDR1, PRCD ALL N/N


“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.”

Konrad Lorenz

Who knew, when this girl chose us, that she would take me on such an incredible journey?


Someone watching me trial Jig in her early days commented that the experience must be similar to driving a Ferrari — fast, powerful, and exhilarating. I couldn’t argue, but there were times that Ferrari had wonky steering, bad brakes, and a stuck throttle, especially in the beginning.


Around here, Jig is, without a doubt, our Big Gun. When we need cattle loaded, rams dealt with, or recalcitrant sheep put in their place, she gets the nod. As a youngster she preferred the head — especially on cattle, a trait that caused us more than a few issues when we started trialing. These days she’ll hit heads and heels as needed to get the job done and has never backed down from a fight.

Mostly retired from trialing (unless we find a nearby cattle farm trial to finish her advanced title), Jig is still my main chore girl. Serious and intense, she is not one to put up with shenanigans from other dogs or livestock, and is definitely of the opinion there is only one way for the world to turn and that is her way. Her rule on the farm is absolute and few ever dare question it. She is still as independent and strong-willed as ever, even with the grey creeping in across her muzzle.

Though my learning curve with Jig was extreme, and there were times I questioned if I would ever get a handle on her, I wouldn’t change a thing. She took me into a new world, taught me much, and wedged herself firmly into my heart in a way no dog will likely be able to replicate.