Starstuff’s Fire in the Sky
04/05/22      DM, HC, HUU, MDR1, PRCD, IGS ALL N/N CEA N/N


“Ain’t no thing like me, except me.”

Rocket Raccoon

Maeve, 13 wks, second time on sheep.

Notes: Me laughing at the end of the first walk-up was due to my training partner telling me not to make Maeve lie down, and then she did it anyhow. The cut out section was me untangling myself from the line. We’re still not best of friends, it and I.

It’s hard at times to remember this girl is still a puppy. She has taken to more regular training on sheep with intensity and drive to spare. She would work all day, everyday, if she could. She’s very mentally mature, though the puppy still shines through with regular bouts of ADD. Right now Maeve has a lot of push, but she’s showing a nice sense of balance and will settle in and rate on a fetch when persuaded to back off the throttle. She’ll run pretty wide on her flanks and then tends to over-run a bit, but she’s super easy to get back on task and I don’t foresee that being a major problem.

Maeve is still brave and independent, and always on the go. She loves romping with big brother Finn; zoomies and stick wars are two of their favorite games. She’s a busy girl with a lot of energy and right now it’s a bit of a challenge to keep her occupied. Her ears have finally settled down, and I think this will be her permanent look. Although, like Finn, one or the other of her ears will go prick when emotions are running high.

Maeve, 11 1/2 wks, first time on sheep.