Starstuff’s Fire in the Sky


“Ain’t no thing like me, except me.”

Rocket Raccoon

Watching TV with one of her favorite toys.

Maeve, 11 1/2 wks, first time on sheep.

Maeve, 13 wks, second time on sheep.

Notes: Me laughing at the end of the first walk-up was due to my training partner telling me not to make Maeve lie down, and then she did it anyhow. The cut out section was me untangling myself from the line. We’re still not best of friends, it and I.

Maeve is smart, observant, independent, and quite adventurous. One of the first things she did after arriving was climb up on the retaining wall and walk it like an agility dog. The little bit I’ve watched her chase hens around the yard (or rather, tried to get her to stop and obey the No Chasey Chicky rule), and her recent short introduction to sheep, suggests she will take after her older brother and be naturally wide and focused on heads. Given that she’s still a wee young thing, however, that could very easily change as she gains more confidence and maturity.

Currently Maeve is enjoying being a puppy, learning how to hang out and watch other dogs work without being antsy about it, romping with her older brother, meeting new friends and going places. And, of course, we’re working on basic manners and all that other fun stuff.