herding dogs

Jig’s Journey ~ It Ain’t all Rainbows and Sparkly Unicorns

Just to keep things real, and in case anyone out there has the impression that training is always great fun and goes according to plan…it don’t. Sometimes the dog, the sheep, the weather, the bugs, and your very own self all conspire against you. Today was such a day. On the plus side, Quinn did …
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A Weekend of Stockdog Sistahood

“What did you do this weekend?” “Worked dogs, hung out with my SBSDC Sistas–” “Worked dogs? Is that like training them to do something.” “Um…yes…to work stock.” Blank look. “They work sheep. Sometimes cattle and ducks. They’re stock dogs.” “Oh. Do you do that outside? Wasn’t the weather kind of crappy?” Shrug. “A little windy …
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Not Again?!!?

So, it’s brain-numbingly cold again. The kind of cold that freezes your nostrils shut, and makes your eyeballs scream at you for leaving only them uncovered, while the rest of your face enjoys the blissful warmth of entrapped breath. Having been born and raised in Wisconsin, I don’t often whine about winter. I more often …
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