Happy belated New Year!

I hope 2020 brings you more good days than bad, more happy than sad, more stories, love, and laughter than you’ve ever had.

(I’m a poet and I know it and I’m not afraid to show it.)

Moving on…

2019 was a rough one. No doubt about it. Especially the last quarter. The year wasn’t a complete wash out, there was happy as well, we survived…

**Shout out to all you geeks who know where this gif is from.**

In any case, I’m not one for the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing. I figure if something needs starting or changing… well… get to it. Don’t wait for Monday, someday, or January 1st. I do, however, take a look back over the past year to see how far I’ve come (hopefully), what lessons I’ve learned or re-learned, and to figure out where I’m going. Or more precisely, where I’d like to go. Those two are not always the same and have nothing to do with where others might like me to go.

Okay, getting serious for a moment. If my 2019 had a theme I think it would have been letting go.

There are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we don’t want to live without but have to let go.


There were plans, ideas, directions I thought I wanted to go. The hardest to let go of, by far, were the bits of my heart, and there were a few. What’s difficult for me to remember, especially when the letting go involves a relationship, is that doing so doesn’t mean we no longer care or won’t be there for the other person, it just means we have to realize when we’re no longer as important in someone’s life as we once were; when we no longer have a seat at their table. People change. Relationships change. Accepting that hurts, but it’s also necessary if we want to move forward.

Moving forward is important. To do so takes acceptance of those things outside our control. That’s one of the goals I’ve set for the coming year. Admittedly, that’s going to be a toughie (control freak, here). There are other goals as well. Some regarding the dogs, other aspects of life (those really do exist), other’s are more of an attitude adjustment. There are things like: get Jig’s WTCH-M, Dillon’s started titles, more farm titles on them both. Start Finn when he tells me he’s ready. Make more time for the people who are important to me. Laugh more. Dance more, because I love to dance and I don’t do it nearly enough (though it is a normal occurrence when I’m washing the dishes or cleaning). Don’t sweat the small stuff. Accept what is or do something about it. Change what needs changing. And, as Cian tried to teach me, live in the moment and approach life with gusto.

Then there’s this. This quote really jumped out at me because I allowed myself to lean into the ‘too tired’ excuse over the past year. Oddly enough, when I started doing more of the things that light my soul, that tiredness left. So I’ll being doing more of those things. Without explanation. Without apology. Which could mean more posts because writing is one of those things. 😉

So, there you have it, whether you wanted it or not. Now, go forth and light up your soul.

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