Photo Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. And since I’ve been keeping that little Canon in my pocket, I’m starting to get a collection of daily life farm shots. Time to share some.


I’m labeling these next two When your chore dog… fill in the blank.


When your chore dog… decides to use the pull-by-the-ruff method of putting the ram back where he belongs and this is what you find when she’s done.


When your chore dog… thinks she’s gotten one over on you by stealing an egg when, in reality, the joke’s on her. It’s a wooden egg.


The snow finally crusted over enough that we can walk on top of it. So into the field for a romp with the boys.



Then it’s on to chores.


Finn and Linus are developing a special relationship. Linus is not particularly thrilled about that.

Finn apparently needed a better view and thought looking under the wheel barrow would work ???

Winter is finally starting to fade, temperatures are rising, days are longer, and spring is on the breeze. The air is full of change and adventure, and I find myself in some very strange territory these days. I’m excited about the coming year and what it will bring. A little scared as well. There is already a new routine forming on the farm, and I’m having to learn how to loosen my grip on some things. That’s hard for a control freak, but old dogs can learn new tricks. Sometimes it just takes a while.

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