My last post on Cian was a great example of the crashing lows epilepsy can bring in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t, however, a great example of most days. The truth of the matter is, since this all began last November, there have been far and away more good days than bad. One of the worse things about epilepsy, however, is how it strips away your sense of security, making it easy to get caught up in the darkness of it.

As usual, I need to learn a lesson from my dog and stop dwelling on what could happen. I have a plan for breakthroughs. I have a great support team. The control freak in me needs to let go. Like Cian, I need to embrace all of our good days. Days like these…

Because these days are frequent and fun, and there’s nothing like a good romp and wrestle with your kennel brother.

And there are great games of chuck-it, which is about the only time his Aunt Jig tolerates his youthful exuberance and even forgives the occasional, unintentional body slam.

And then there’s working stock. It’s what Cian was bred for and the thing he enjoys most of all. He’s so bright and eager to learn, and he can be oh-so-pushy but he’s also great fun to work and I’m once again looking forward to where our journey will take us.  

There’s a lot of light surrounding this darkness. And though I’m certain there will be more posts where I’m at my lowest and need to vent, I’m going to make more of a point to share these good times as well.

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