Finn loves to play even if no one else wants to, he’s been that way since he was a puppy. He’ll amuse himself with a stick, a pile of leaves, a chunk of ice, or zoomies through the tall grass. It’s a behavior which never ceases to both baffle and annoy Dillon, especially when Finn does everything in his power to get Dillon to join in. There are times Dillon loosens up and romps a bit. Other times… not so much.

Finn’s antics never fail to bring a smile to my lips on our morning walk — even those days when I’m feeling more like Dillon, meaning less amused by shenanigans and growly at everything. Finn doesn’t care that Dillon is being a crab, doesn’t worry that someone might be watching, isn’t hung up on the what ifs and to dos the day might bring. Finn plays and cavorts for no other reason than the sheer joy of it.

I want to be more like Finn.

Like many, this is the time of year I tend to take a breath. Or at least I try to. Let’s face it, the past 2 years have been a real shit show and a whole lot of folks are still trying to recover their equilibrium. I can’t honestly say I’ve found mine yet, but I’m making headway so there is that. I suppose about the time I find it, something else will crop up, as seems to always be the case.

Look at me, being all pessimistic as the year winds down. Bad, Kathi.

I’m fortunate these days to have a flexible schedule so I can knock off early and go work the dogs whenever I choose. Except that… I’m also fortunate at the moment to be too busy to knock off early. Ooooh, that damn double-edged sword. Not to say I haven’t gotten some training time in. I even took a couple road trips. Finn got much-needed time on cattle and every time in showed more and more confidence. Dillon got some duck time…

Yeah, I said duck time. He likes the silly quackers and actually enjoys working them. Which is more than I can say. Though I am starting to be more accepting of them.

And both the boys get sheep time. Dillon is working on dog breaking the young sheep and this year’s lambs and is doing an excellent job. Finn is still working on corners and allowing stock to leave them. And with both boys I’m still working on patience and not getting frustrated. What’s that phrase I use??? Oh, yeah, it’s a JOURNEY. A marathon, not a sprint. One of these days I hope to figure that one out.

Right now I’m looking forward to taking some time off over the holidays. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, which is nothing new, and I’m trying to figure out if any of them need to go. Every time I think I’ve made the decision to remove one, something comes along to change my mind. So some have been moved to the back of the fire and others brought forward.

I feel like I’m just babbling here and I’m in a rather weird mood so I think I’ll wind down with wishing you all a very merry end of the year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannakkuh, or nothing at all. And let’s hope we all see a better new year, one in which, for no reason whatsoever, and in spite of it all, we get our zoomies on.


  • dmarsh1916

    12/22/2021at8:45 pm Reply

    As usual, excellent post. They say we get the dog we need. Scout is here, like Finn with you, to teach me to just enjoy life for no particular reason. He is much like you describe Finn. I’m grateful to him for reminding me that sometimes, and for no particular reason, you just need to stop and roll in the clover.

    • KLS

      12/30/2021at9:01 pm Reply

      Rolling in the clover is preferable to some of the other things they choose to roll in. 😉

  • Amy Kinosian

    12/22/2021at11:39 pm Reply

    Beautiful! Finn sounds a lot like Vinny. We were/are so lucky to have him this past 1-1/2 years. We laughed WAY more than most people! We are so blessed to have these beings around to help us with the journey.

    • KLS

      12/30/2021at9:00 pm Reply

      It never ceases to amaze me how they can put a smile on my face even when I’d rather not. Oh! To be more like my dogs! Well… I better be careful there, I am a bit too much like Jig already.;)

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